Air Pollution
Clean Air for Kids
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This website provides a series of educational materials on a range of topics relating to the quality of air.There is particular focus on science, impacts and policy relating to air pollution.

The materials are aimed at the general public and secondary school children wishing to learn more about air pollution and related environmental issues.

Ten informative factsheets on the science of air pollution. Topics covered include acid rain, the history of air pollution, Clean Air Acts in UK, key air pollutants and air pollution in world megacities.

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A comprehensive set of eight factsheets on the impacts of air pollution on land, waters, buildings, wildlife and human health. Identifying levels of air pollution using lichens are also detailed.

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A set of ten factsheets on air pollution from various sources and policy changes that impact levels of these pollutants. Technologies to reduce air pollution are identified as are ways for everyone to help do their bit to reduce air pollution levels.

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